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19" Floor Stand Server Rack Model: GV-Q1580FS

RM 1,298.00 RM 1,625.00

19" Floor Stand Server Rack Model: GV-Q1580FS

Capacity 15U; Height: 812 mm Width: 600 mm; Depth: 800 mm


  • Exquisite design with precision dimensions and craftsmanship
  • Perforated front and rear doors to enable ventilation
  • Easy to dismantle front/rear/side doors to enable convenient operation
  • Wide array of heights and widths available
  • Color - Fully epoxy poeder coated
  • Can be supplied CKD


  • Power distribution unit: Horizontal 19" rack mountable in 1U height or vertically at the rear
  • Shelves

                     Heavy duty shelves for equipment up to 60kg

                     Cantilever shelf - available in 2U

                     Sliding Shelf

                     Vented Shelf

  • Cooling fan
  • Leveling feet
  • Cable management panel: 19" panel in 1U height to provide effective cable management
  • Blank/Vented panel: Panels to cover unused space at the front of the cabinet available in various sizes
  • Chassis runner
  • Cage nut assembly