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5' Divan Headboard Model: Akacia

RM 1,068.00 RM 1,335.00

5' Divan Headboard Model: Akacia

Brand: Auzzie Sizzp Australia®

Dimensions: L2040 W1540 H1092 HD120 mm

 Other Size Available (6' Divan): L2040 W1850 H1092 HD120 mm - RM RM 1368.00

Optional Items:

5' 7" Akacia Mattress - RM 918.00

6' 7" Akacia Mattress - RM 1,068.00

Akacia mattress are made with  quality duraplus eco coconut fibre materials and reborn foam to relieves pressure and provides a good ventilation with even firmness to support distribution for spinal care qand keeps you comfortable throughout the night.

Other features include

Turn free, Anti Dust mite, firmer support, water penetration, air ventilation and proper back support.