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5' Divan Headboard Model: Royal Crown

RM 2,148.00 RM 2,685.00

5' Divan Headboard Model: Royal Crown

Brand: Auzzie Sizzp Australia®

Dimensions: L2210 W1540 H1250 HD300 mm

 Other Size Available (6' Divan): L2210 W1850 H1250 HD300 mm - RM RM 2718.00

Optional Items:

5' 14" Royal Crown Mattress - RM8,168.00

6' 14" Royal Crown Mattress - RM8,888.00

Royal Crown mattress are made with high quality natural latex and hd foam to support the head, shoulder and hips. Quilted with luxury euro top & euro top for a complete uninterrupted sleep,

Other features include

Turn free, Anti Dust mite, firmer support and proper back support.