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Cluster of 4 Workstation Model: LZ-iLS06

RM 5,860.00 RM 7,325.00

Cluster of 2 Workstation Model: LZ-iLS06

Consist of:

1. ED 180WT+4 Writing Table for 4 Pax

Size: 3600L x 1400W x 750H

Color: Top Coimbra Leg Epoxy White

2. LZ-AODP15030 Acrlic Frosted Divide Panel - 2 units

   Size: 1500W x 300H

Color: 1 side Frosted

3. LZ-DV(D) Divide Bracket Double Sided- 2 sets

   Color: Epoxy White

4. SV 23DM Mobile Pedestal 3D - 4 units

   Size: 400L x 450D x 525H

   Color: Coimbra/White