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Ergonomically Designed Intelligent Mini Workstation Model: QOA-AUW1

RM 9,500.00 RM 11,875.00

Ergonomically Designed Intelligent Mini Workstation Model: QOA-AUW1

Designed for sitting as well as standing

Consisting of:

  1. Small Desk Top - Size: 108.5W x 27.4D x 2.5H cm
  2. Big Desk Top - Size: 108.9W x 46.6D x 2.5H cm
  3. University Chair - Size: 51W x 57D x 99H cm
  4. Monitor Holder - Size: 46.3W x 18.7D x 12.3H cm
  5. Book Holder - Size: 37.5W x 45D
  6. Wide LED Lamp - Size: 79.5W x 14D cm


  • Height adjustable chair - Quick and easy seat and backrest adjustment to fit perfectly the curve of our body
  • Table mounted LED lamp. Bright white energy saving LED with low UV radiation to protect children's eyes
  • The Book Holder is also a message board, reading rack and can hold keyboard and notebook. Horizontal adjustment 0~360º; Vertical adjustment 0~90°
  • Table mounted Monitor Holdereasily adjusted for distance, height and angle. Horizontal adjustment 0~360º; Vertical adjustment 0~90°
  • Height Adjustable Desk grow with your child
  • Unique Tilt Angle Top reduces stress on neck and shoulders; designed for reading, drawing, writing and typing