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Full Leather Chair Model: K-ZKL-1

RM 7,660.00 RM 9,580.00

Full Leather Chair Model: K-ZKL-1
1. Soft PU top and metal frame adjustable armrest can be positioned in five different heights.

2. High density Polyurethane foam seat pad.

3. Turning the adjuster to five tilt-locking for backrest.

4. Press the adjuster to four horizontal-locking position for sliding seat pad. This is particularly designed to suit different user's height, irrespective of how tall or short he or she is. It provides optimal thigh and back support.

5. Lift up adjuster for seat pad height adjustment.

6. Twist the easy and accessible side tension control in order to adjust backrest reclining tension for the different weight of each user.

7. Headrest cushion come with powder coated metal plate.

8. The Nylon mesh knotted backrest.

9. Horizontal die-rest Aluminum bar and vertical high resistant Steel tube chair structure.

10. The user can position the patented lumbar support freely along the vertical strut without any auxiliary block in device. This feature can be effectively either reduce or prevent backache and back pain.

11. Die-cast Aluminum base come with Dia.65mm 'Auto braking' Nylon castor. 
490W x 500D x 1300H