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Panasonic Super High Brightness 3 chip DLP Full Laser Projector Model: PT-RQ13KE

RM 304,388.00 RM 380,485.00

Panasonic Super High Brightness 3 chip DLP Full Laser Projector Model: PT-RQ13KE

Key features for superior image quality:

  • The impressive 10,000 lumens of brightness in the operating mode "NORMAL"
  • 4K resolution (5120 x 3200), thanks to technology Quad Pixel Drive
  • Contrast Ratio 20,000: 1 in dynamic mode by the laser light control
  • The combination of 3-chip DLP technology with the original solid-state laser light source of Panasonic technology provides truly stunning image quality
  • Processor Real Motion in conjunction with the creation of the frame function (Frame-Creation) and High-Speed ??Processing provides an incredibly smooth and realistic reproduction of motion (maximum processing speed: 240 Hz)
  • The processor of clarity " the Detail the Clarity Processor " 5+ generation natural texture gives the smallest detail
  • Technology Daylight View 3 optimizes picture quality to improve color perception in bright illumination
  • Function Histogram : perfect "fit" image
  • Mode DICOM Simulation
  • Rec Mode. 709 for HDTV projection HDTV
  • The possibility of active 3D-projection image
  • The service life of the light source from 20 000 hours
  • Adjusting the brightness range of 2,000 to 10,000 lumens to extend the life of the light source to maximum 10 years in continuous operation clock
  • Two high-power solid-state laser light source, a heat-resistant phosphor wheel
  • Fail-safe redundancy scheme laser source provides a minimum reduction of brightness and color uniformity in case of failure of the laser diode, which makes this projector perfect for mission-critical applications
  • Brightness decreases gradually over 20 000 chasovogo¹ unserved term of the projector's life on the line graphics, and not exponentially as in the projector lamp
  • The projector uses a newly developed liquid cooling system of the light source, which is designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 45 ° C. It also ensures quiet operation (46 dB)
  • The laser light source allows continuous 24/7 operation without downtime
  • "Eco" -filter , which does not need to be replaced up to 20 000 hours, in combination with pylezaschischёnnym housing provides long-term operation of the unit even in harsh environments. The filter can be washed and reused
  • Available additional filter to protect from tobacco smoke ET-SFD330
  • Made in Japan
  • Possibly projecting towards the full 360 ° because of the laser light source 360 ??° vertically, 360 ° horizontally 360 ° inclined (a combination of vertical and horizontal directions)
  • Simplified installation thanks to the technology of the DIGITAL the LINK c HDBaseT, which supports 4K video signals, control commands via a single cable Category 5e in the distance 150m¹ using switcher switch-ET-YFB200G or block interface ET-YFB100G
  • Support for multi-screen projection of up to 100 projectors (10 x 10) is organically connected to the calibration of brightness and color for seams images (function " edge of the the blending "), a function of the color matching ( "Color Matching") and the function of the digital zoom up to 10 times (both horizontally and vertically )
  • Compatible with optional switching unit the ET-YFB100G , the ET-YFB200G or other switches that support HDBaseT technology
  • The function "Multi-Unit Brightness / Color Control" automatically adjusts the difference in brightness and color, that occur over time in the individual projectors in multi-screen systems
  • Setting up a special geometry to form screens: the spherical, cylindrical or other special shapes. The setting is done with the remote
  • Compatible with an optional set of ET-UK20 program Geometry Manager Pro for a more flexible configuration of geometric and masking functions
  • The projector has an extra set of ET-CUK10 to automatically configure multi-screen projections
  • The "Setting up backup" provides the most inconspicuous switch to the redundant input in violation of the input signal, which is very important in control and control points
  • Almost instant power on / off
  • There are no restrictions on the number of on / off cycles
  • Compatible with the protocol Art-Net DMX
  • A wide range of connectors, including 3G-SDI, Digital Link, DVI-D and HDMI (requires optional terminal board for DVI-D and HDMI)
  • The program "Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software" to monitor and control multiple projectors over LAN
  • Compatible with optional supplied early warning software ET-SWA100 to track the status of projectors that are connected to the intranet
  • A wide range of optional lenses (including ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw lens), which is common to all 3-chip projectors, the DLP Panasonic
  • The design of the lens in the center of the installation
  • Motorized lens shift vertically and horizontally
  • The motorized optical zoom and focus
  • Mechanical lens shutter with smooth dimming function / appearance
  • Input Image Rotation function when projecting
  • Defining the schedule execution of commands for each day of the week
  • Remote control with long range (30 m) and LED backlight
  • Functions to prevent theft, including the ability to install chains
  • The function settings of the control device
  • Assigning a unique identifier to any of the projectors 64
  • This projector has eight types of internal test patterns

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