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Panasonic Super High Brightness 3 Chip DLP Projector Model: PT-DZ10KE

RM 157,688.00 RM 175,210.00

Panasonic Super High Brightness 3 Chip DLP Projector Model: PT-DZ10KE

This projector accurately displaying signal with a resolution of Full HD. High brightness projection created by the system of two lamps, forming luminous flux in lumens 10,600, and the dynamic iris allows you to achieve a high contrast setting 10 000: 1. Use in DLP ™ technology allows the projector to ensure a long service life of dies and other key components of the projector, which together with thoughtful design solutions makes it possible to obtain extremely reliable apparatus as a whole.


  • Unique dual lamp system with Panasonic new powerful lamps helped make the body is very compact, providing a striking brightness 10,600 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast Ratio 10,000: 1 thanks to a new dynamic iris
  • WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200)
  • The processor of clarity " the Detail the Clarity Processor 3 " gives you the depth and clarity of details
  • Daylight View 2 technology enhances color perception without the need to turn off the light
  • Mode DICOM Simulation
  • Function Histogram: perfect "fit" image
  • Full 10-bit signal processing
  • Rec Mode. 709 for HDTV projection HDTV
  • Advanced technology for superior image quality: 3D color management-system, HD IP conversion, digital noise reduction, dynamic control of field
  • The design of the lens placed in the center, a wide range of optional lenses
  • Motorized lens shift vertically and horizontally
  • The motorized optical zoom and focus
  • Custom installation angle of the projector
  • Lens memory function
  • Automatic cooling mode
  • Mechanical lens shutter completely blocks annoying glow of the projector in the moments when it is not used
  • New geometric adjustment function
  • Additional software "Geometry Manager Pro ver. 1.1" for a more flexible configuration of geometric and masking functions
  • System "Multi Projector Brightness Management" automatically adjusts the difference in the brightness of the projector caused by aging lamp.Eta feature is especially useful in multi-screen systems
  • Built-in multi-screen processor unit allows you to create multi-screen projection without the use of additional hardware calibration of brightness and color images on the joints (function " edge of the the blending ") and the color matching function
  • Portrait mode is the projection will be available later (requires replacement lamps for this mode)
  • A wide range of connectors, including SDI (3G SDI), DVI-D, HDMI and 3D sync signal (input / output)
  • Compatible with Crestron RoomView ™ and AMX Device Discovery
  • The program "Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software" to monitor and control multiple projectors over LAN
  • Web browser control on a wired LAN
  • PJLink ™ Compatibility
  • The dual lamp optical system allows the projector to work even if there is a failure of one of the remaining lamps provides a brightness sufficient for the further continuation of the projection. Alternatively, simultaneous operation of both lamps is proposed regime with the alternate switching of lamps. This allows the projector non-stop operation. In the case of priority to reduce the cost of operation select the desired mode of operation of lamps can provide more long-term work on one set of projector lamps without replacement
  • The low for this class of projectors power consumption - 900 W
  • Liquid cooling system allows the projector to use at ambient temperatures from 0 ° C to 45 ° C, combined with a compact housing and quiet operation
  • Dust-tight housing and the new "Eco filter" that does not require the replacement of up to 12,000 hours, to protect the optical components from dust
  • New 380-watt bulb and a new control system to improve reliability and ensure a long service life
  • New optical engine and projection liquid cooling system to minimize the trouble of service
  • Easy lamp replacement back
  • Available additional filter to protect from tobacco smoke ET-SFD320
  • Made in Japan

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